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Thread: Ward Thomas "cartwheels"

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    Default Ward Thomas "cartwheels"

    Ward Thomas "cartwheels"

    Spotify listen:

    I picked this one because it debuted as #1 on the UK charts this week
    and also because ive never heard of them...
    UK country band...LOL, UK country, since when did the Brits appreciate country???
    twin sisters...
    their second album....
    vocally they sound country, musically, not quite,
    but its still more authentic than those crossover artists from the US who think theyre country
    because they wear a Stetson and maybe passed through Nashville once or twice...!
    yeh, so, not a bad album, could probably grow on me
    if I gave it another listen or two, so it gets the thumbs up from me!

    from the album:

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    and also because ive never heard of them

    you go boy

    track was ok
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