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Thread: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "skeleton tree"

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    Default Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "skeleton tree"

    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "skeleton tree"

    Spotify listen:

    Nick and the Bad Seed's fifteenth studio album...
    as usual, lyrics are very dark and moody...
    the music is generally piano based...
    all tracks are slow ballads...
    nothing really stands out on a first up listen...
    just a consistant album, all is as youd expect from him...
    every track, although probably not 'classic cave' is better than
    everything off his last album 'push the sky away'...
    maybe I should keep bagging that one because im the only person
    I know who hated it, so what the hell do I know?!?...
    all up, not a bad album, and it goes on my to purchase list!

    my favourite track from the album after one listen:

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    I thought the ocean man had commented on this
    it must have been in another thread

    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #27
    his highest debut here
    too dark for me
    minimalist music makes it more like a poetry reading
    Antony & The Johnsons meets Lou Reed


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    I believe the album forms part of a soundtrack to a new movie Cave wrote and directed...

    then theres the loss of his son a year or so ago which probably played a part in the "dark" nature of the album..

    im only buying it to keep the Cave collection complete, i'll have to pay full price though because his albums never drop in price in Australia because he is a perennial seller just like Cold Chisel and AC/DC are.

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    I think it's really good, I've been crying through this album seriously haha. It's intense and emotionally revealing, I can feel Nick Cave's grief. Now I don't know that I could listen to it all the time as it is something I will probably have to take in small doses and at certain times. Regardless, I like it so far.
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