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    Default trying again for some help

    I posted a little bit ago, but realized how had of a question it was!
    I was looking for looking for music that would be very similar to songs I herd from a movie.
    which i believe would be very hard, especially since these songs were not popular.

    They came from a movie " The insider". The tobacco industry's cover up.

    So now what I am wondering if there is a site that specializes in doing this?
    There is a book site that if you forget the name of the book but can give a description they will tell you what book it was.

    The songs were:"SACRIFICE" and "SILENCE" Instrumentals, by Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke.

    thanks again

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    Hmm, I know Lisa Gerrard was with a band called Dead Can Dance, you could check them out and she has some music on the Gladiator movie soundtrack, and she has solo stuff. Lisa Gerrard has a distinctive voice so I'm not sure who would be similar to her, tbh. Maybe give Lorenna McKennitt and Enya a try? I've never heard of Pieter Bourke before so I can't help much there with suggestions.
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