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Thread: Compilation mix albums

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    Default Compilation mix albums

    I think this is worth discussing. Years ago I loved buying compilation mix albums, but find these days they are very repetitive.

    I used to buy ministry of sound annuals, and whatever took my fancy in the shop shelves.

    Has decent compilation mix albums died a death?
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    Compilations? Or DJ Mixes? Those are two different things. I think you mean compilations.

    Except for the occasional record label retrospective I don't find these very interesting. Kompakt's annual Total and Pop Ambient releases are usually pretty good.

    Hyperdub's recent 5 compilation, a double disk collection of the label's first five years, is amazing.

    With all of the free podcasts of mixes out there a DJ mix is rarely worth purchasing. One outstanding exception is Richie Hawtin's DE9 trilogy. He of course goes way beyond the standard mix by adding his own effects and loops.

    But again, I think free podcasts have killed the compilation and DJ mix market.

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