Some women may have known what they wanted to use as a song for their very first song with their husband since they were 10... But not me. I'm very much into my music and my fiance is not so the song choice is pretty much up to me. I'm really struggling to come up with something that hasn't been over done to death (such as: Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran, A thousand years - Christina Perry, etc) . I want something a bit more original that suits our taste...
So you kind of have an idea of the type of song we're looking for here are a few I really like but just don't quite do it. They aren't overly gushy romantic. More soulful with a male voice.
* Northern Wind - City and Colour
* Take me higher - Old Man Canyon
* Tennessee Whiskey - Chris Stapleton
* Let it be me - Ray Lamontagne

Would LOVE some suggestions!!