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    hi all

    My music tastes are very wide, there is not alot i dont like. it finally occered to me, that it is lyrics that allow me to come to my own conclusions about what the song are about, is a running theme.

    to the point of the thread....

    What are your favorate lyrics? does not have to be the whole song a line or two can change the entire meaning of a song depending on the way the lister interperates it. here are a few of mine:

    "set sail on concreate waves": - i love the line as it conjures up (somewhat obviously) images of someone surfing on a tide on concreate through the middle of the city.

    "looseing your mind, looseing your mind, its blurring it fadeing, your souls on fire, its black and white": - for me this relates to my temper, not a good thing to loose.

    I know not as good a tread as "Question", but thats a hard act to follow


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    Each Paragraph is different song all by Floater

    Well, you trust no one and you can never rest.
    Trust anyone and they will strike while you're sleeping.
    And just as the sun must keep on seeking the west,
    Everything you love will always be leaving, yeah leaving...

    By now I have learned
    There’s only hope for me if she says so
    And when all my bridges burn
    She’ll finally be the only road I know

    And I never thought I'd see the day
    My heroes all became psychotics
    My drugs are all expensive exotics
    Now my blood is thick with antibiotics
    So I toss the coin to fate, it's only right
    And I take no blame so I can sleep so tight
    You know that out of mind is also out of sight

    I take a back seat to a sweet companion.
    Must be something to control it.
    The world is watching, and I'm outnumbered.
    Don't **** with a crazy man you say
    I don't **** with a man in control.
    The sky is humming, and now my motor thunders.

    Go to the window, boy.
    Become what you would destroy.
    Feed yourself on dissonance.
    Make your belly grow.

    Then you discover lust and you break your lover's trust
    Your gold begins to rust.
    This is the bed you're making
    And then you tell me I'm a fool to love you like I do
    You've lost your mind again.
    I've lost my patience
    The time to live is heard in the ticking of the clocks,
    as you and I make love till the equinox.

    Lately he’s been drinking alone.
    Dreaming naked by the telephone.
    Bolting doors, and getting stoned
    Locked and loaded and he’s losing hope.
    I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music

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    This is another:

    "I am a little bit of lonelyness, a little bit of disregard, hand of complaints but i cant help the fact that everyone can see these scars"

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    i'd have to say from sixx am's life is beautiful:

    "there's nothing like a trail of blood to find your way back home!"

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