Just in case some of you missed this.....

INDUCTEES into the Music Discussion Hall of Fame as of Saturday, August 27th, 2016 !

Apparently over 20,000 have viewed this thread! Thanks for your input MD members!

5 votes needed for an inductee.

Mark Knopfler is the newest inductee into the MD Hall of Fame as nominated by Ruby! Seven votes were tabulated in less than 24 hours! An overwhelming induction!


The Beatles

The Bee Gees

The Rolling Stones

The Moody Blues

Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Pink Floyd

Elton John

Frank Sinatra

The Beach Boys

Bob Marley

Elvis Costello

Miles Davis

Marvin Gaye

Led Zeppelin

Igor Stravinsky


B.B. King

John Fahey

Ella Fitzgerald

Mark Knopfler


The Drifters - 3 votes

John Mayall - 3 votes

Claude Debussy - 3 votes

Wilson Pickett - 3 votes

Flaming Lips - 1 vote

The Speed King - 1 vote

Sparks - 1 vote

Delays - 1 vote

Lou Rawls - 1 vote

Eddie Kendricks - 1 vote