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Thread: Kasey Chambers "aint no little girl" - ep

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    Default Kasey Chambers "aint no little girl" - ep

    Kasey Chambers "aint no little girl" - ep

    four track 'ep' from the great Kasey Chambers...
    title track to the ep is linked above...
    an almost bluesy feel to this one...
    I love it...
    three other tracks on the 'ep'..
    i like the other ones also, including the Urban duet...

    "if we had a child" (with Keith Urban)

    "only child"

    "talkin' baby blues"

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    Hmmm, listening to that track I'm not sure what to think. I used to think she had a great voice, but it does not seem to have aged well - or maybe it's just the style she is affecting for the sake of the song.

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    there were a couple of tracks on her last album that really weren't country but instead more rock orientated by her standards and her voice was different on those tracks also, so I can only assume the vocals are to match the song...

    on the link to the track she duets with Keith Urban her vocals are as they should be...

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