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Thread: Always having trouble with Presto

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    Default Always having trouble with Presto

    No matter how much I practice, allegro vivace tends to be my dead on maximum speed except for a few lucky times. Allegro though is usually my maximum speed with no mistakes.

    For example, as I practiced Solfeggio in C minor by C.P.E Bach, this is how I went about it:

    1) hands separate, adagio
    2) hands together, adagio
    3) dynamics, adagio
    4) andante
    5) Moderato
    6) Allegro

    And before I went on to the next step I made sure that I made absolutely 0 mistakes.

    But as I try to speed it up further this happens:

    7) Molto Allegro, few minor mistakes(wrong note for example)
    8) Vivace, several mistakes, a few major(wrong octave for example)
    9) Presto and Prestissimo, all wrong

    There are a few lucky times when I was able to play it presto with 0 mistakes but usually it goes all wrong at Presto, no matter the piece.

    This is a major problem for me. How am I ever going to play Toccata and Fugue in D minor if I can't do Presto with 0 mistakes every time. How am I going to play most of Chopin's pieces? How will I play extremely fast notes(like 64ths and faster)?

    I have the right handshape all the time.

    I make sure I have no mistakes at Allegro.

    If I need to, I do it part by part.

    And yet, except when I am lucky, I can't do Presto.

    Why? Why?

    I am able to do trills and tremolos extremely fast. Why can't I do Presto? Why is Allegro my maximum speed without mistakes?

    And how can I make myself able to do presto without mistakes when at Presto, no matter how few mistakes(0 or a few minor), it all goes horribly wrong most of the time? It should be as simple as wide and not so wide turns, tremolos, and trills and I am able to do those.

    As for a piano teacher, I once had one but she got rude at me during my second year(don't know if it was because I wanted to learn more complicated pieces faster than the average person or what but she was rude about it). So from then on, I have taught myself how to play certain piano pieces.

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    Practice. That's the only way.

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    But for me, practice is not enough. There has to be something else I am missing for these very fast pieces.

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