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Thread: Alex Cameron "jumping the shark"

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    Default Alex Cameron "jumping the shark"

    Alex Cameron "jumping the shark"

    Spotify listen:

    I picked this one because I have not heard of the guy..
    actually, I guess not many people would have, its his debut set...
    only eight tracks long, clocks in at 30 minutes...
    music is primarily synths with vocals...
    I hear bits of Arcade Fire in places but lots of Nick Cave in the
    vocal tones and quality...
    then I watch the video to the track im linking for it
    and Nick Cave is all over this one n the style of the video,
    the dress/look of Alex and in the way he moves...
    this is good stuff and Cave has to be a major influence on this guy.

    from the album:

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    another one off the album if youre interested:
    hearing bits of Depeche Mode in this one

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