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    Nashvillian guitarist here, been playing since I was a baby :D

    I'm not the most together person in the whole world, but I do enjoy music, particularly rock music.

    Now, that's an interesting thing for someone to say because rock music has not been a unified genre since, like, what? The late 60's? Not only were the British rock bands experimenting with all manner of weirdness, but hard rock came out of it for the guys who just wanted to go get a brat and a beer while these "experiments" were going on. :)

    I am in that group. I enjoy crazy over the top rock and roll, prog rock, metal (if the lyrics are understandable), jazz rock, country rock, reggae, straight-up country (not pop country), honkytonk, ragtime, and baroque, classical, and 20th century music. ...You know I could keep going but the shorter list is what I don't like...

    I dunno, that might not be a short list either now that I think about it. There are too many genres of music to keep going, I guess is what I'm figuring out as I type this. ^_^

    Anyhow, I'd post up a link to some guitar playing I done, but the rules warned me with fiery retribution if I self-promoted, so if anyone wants to know what I sound like; PM me.

    Cheers music lovers!

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    welcome to MD mate....
    I spent a couple, maybe three days around the Memphis/Nashville area five years ago with my good friend Music Head...
    did the music tourist things...Grand Ole Opry,Ryman Theater/Graceland/RCA-studio B/Sun Records/Stax Records/Country Hall of Fame etc..

    you can post us examples of your work, but we don't allow links to send members of to purchase your material, if theyre interested, they can PM you.

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    So if I'm understanding you correctly, the rule is "no selling stuff," but I can post links to my work if they aren't behind any kind of paywall.

    ...Yesterday I was testing out my Cubase rig with Win10, since the update I haven't recorded at all cuz of issues...

    I recorded a guitars-only version of "December," by Collective Soul. It isn't anything super special. I'm just tickled I can finally sweep pick after practicing for umpteen years.

    Fun fact: I write songs about failed relationships sometimes.

    You know, I've lived in Nashville 16 years now, and my favorite places to hang out aren't the big venues and studios you mention, but the actual bars that have live music right on the Row itself (aka 16th ave downtown, "Music Row"). Nashville is pretty real, at least for the time being. :)

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    correct, no paywall....
    generally one,two or more of us will listen to your links and pass comment on what we think as music lovers...
    if you don't want to hear anything negative, which occasionally happens, don't post your tracks,
    I you don't mind comments both good and bad, feel free.

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    You're saying people might heckle me? :D

    My favorite is when someone keeps yelling "Freebird".

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