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Thread: The Decline of the Western World --New project-- please help me classify my music!

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    Lightbulb The Decline of the Western World --New project-- please help me classify my music!

    Hi everyone,

    I have a new project and i have no idea what my genre is or how to classify my music. At times it's a little bit Scott Walker, a little bit Lee Hazlewood, a little bit like a lot of old French music (Gainsbourg, Sablon, Trenet, Greco, etc), at times a bit Russian/Balkan folk, a bit Tom Waits, and hopefully also a lot of none of the above and a lot of myself.

    I have only uploaded a few songs so far, so it's a small sample, i have many more, but i'm still recording/mixing and like i said it's a pretty new project.

    Hope some of you like it and can help me find a way to describe my music!


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    Had a listen to the tracks. It is definitely unique and a there are good and bad elements to the tracks. There are a number of timing issues and on the third track (boating music piece) there is a tuning issue as well on the guitar(s). The first track has a nice melody - quite memorable in fact, but cramming in words (towards the end) just to make a sentence complete is not a good idea - phrasing is everything in music. Having said that, if you can clean up the guitar playing and change the lyrics in places it is quite a catchy piece. I did not care for the second track at all. I think you need to do something about how you are recording the vocals & guitar - it just does not sound good. I do think the first track has something going for it but it needs to be reworked for the reasons I mentioned. I hope this helps and remember it's just my opinion and not necessarily correct.
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