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    Can anybody tell me what musical note is the sharpest and the clearest....

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    Not trying to be seriously don't it a...b...c...d...e...or f sharp? It's a music forum...somebody gotta have the answer to this simple question.

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    I think youll find WE are music lovers here and not musicians or technicians of music, you probably need to
    find a musicians forum....
    that said, Jerome may be able to advise/help you as he is fairly proficient in music.

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    I don't know how to even begin to answer this question. To be quite honest I don't know what you mean. There is no 'sharpest' or 'clearest' note. If you are asking about how a note comes through on a recording, well then that's down to the mix engineer. If you are asking whether there is a single note in any given musical scale that is more prominent that another then my uneducated answer would be there isn't one. You can play the same note on different instruments and they will have different levels of 'penetration'. If you are looking for a 'magical' note that will make your track/song more prevalent than others you are wasting your time. I might be wrong, but it seems to me that you think there is a note that is going to make your music sound better. It does not exist.
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