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Thread: Daniel Eboli┤s Reviews (please read 1st post)

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    Arrow Daniel Eboli┤s Reviews (please read 1st post)


    I am here to review your songs. All genres are allowed. If you want a review just ask. Only one song per request. After your review is posted you can submit another one.

    I will hear your work with an open mind, profound respect and impartiality.

    If I Do NOT like it, I will say it.

    I am always looking for new sources of inspiration.

    I read music, I understand technical procedures and recording studio issues.

    I am producer, I produced hundreds of bands/artists. I am a mixer and I have worked in the music industry for many years.

    I will hear your music deeply with complete open mind in a decent pair of studio monitors and top headphones.

    Please provide a link for STREAMING. I will not download rar files or hear anything that requires a download.

    Your review will be posted in several other sites as well. PM me if you want to know where.

    Please, if you have some time left, listen to my songs and give me some feedback

    And that┤s all.

    Daniel Eboli┤s songs - Listen here

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    Exclamation Attention!!

    I will begin now to post reviews of other sites now, as I do in every place I am a member.

    I am looking forward to hear and review some of the songs of the artists here at MD, wich is one of the most interesting music boards around.

    Dont be afraid, after all is just my opinion :)

    3,2,1, go go go

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    Exclamation Review

    Title: Artificial Intelligence! SoundClick artist: Michael Vincent Fusco - page with MP3 music downloads
    Artist: Michael Vincent Fusco
    Genre: Electronic / Fusion??

    This track is harmonically very impressive in my opinion.

    Unusual chords, unexpected flavour.

    It is almost Jazz.

    The bass line is very creative, harmonically and melodically. I like a lot. The piano is agressive. and impressive.

    I like everything is this piece. The choice of the sounds, Drums, bass, piano, strings are awesome.

    A perfect song.

    I don┤t have much more to say.

    It is bloody fresh, new, breqakthrough, you name it.

    There is nothink like it around.

    I hope Mr. Fusco keep developing more in this style.

    A must have experimental electronic piece.

    5 stars.

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    Exclamation Review

    Title: RISE Redux (AURA) SoundClick artist: Artificial Wonders - People Are Looking for a New Sound
    Artist: Artificial Wonders
    Genre: Electronic / Games Soundtrack / Experimental

    This is a piece wich is part of a game soundtrack named AURA.

    It is a very experimental piece, so to speak.

    Several eletronic noises and synths goes along with ethereal choir and poetry.

    I can see it playing along in a level end boss, as the author sugests here:

    "...Leviathan, for all intents and purposes, is a badass. A very sick, evil, twisted, and maniacal badass, but nonetheless, a badass. This first fight is meant to be one of the most memorable bits of the earlier parts of the game, but I felt like the original version of RISE plays it off as any other boss fight. So, I gave Leviathan a different genre altogether - Industrial..."

    The author post up a lot of info about how he done it and why, wich I think is very info for the gear/software heads, like me.

    It is a noisy piece, agressive tone that mekes you feel uncorfortable but I think it is just what the author intended.

    Very nice piece, makes me wonder about where and when I can found this game AURA.

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    Exclamation Review

    Title: Outer Sanctum SoundClick artist: Necropolis JC - page with MP3 music downloads
    Artist: Necropolis JC
    Genre: Metal

    The metal niche nowadays appears to me it is the only genre that is going well on the market.

    Their listener give real support to the artists buying original CDs and merchandising. I respect very much the genre.

    This piece of composition here is great.

    It is an instrumental piece focused on guitars.

    Excellent guitar work. Performance, composition and sound.

    Ideal for guitar heroes.

    I enjoyed this track a lot. It must be real fun to play it.

    Obviously the guitar players (Culver Polley/ Jordan Miles) know what are they doing. amazing guitar skills.

    The solo part is just breath taking, very nice.

    A must have heavy meatl instrumental piece.

    5 stars!

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    Exclamation Review

    Title: Angels Breathe (feat LisaT) SoundClick artist: Karma Police (UK)
    Artist: Karma Police (UK)
    Genre: Electronic : Ambient

    As you know, I like smooth songs.

    This one is very smooth yes.

    It begins with a nice piano arpeggio over a nice choir.

    The lyrics are excellent! True poetry:

    "All this time we've been dancing in twilight
    and we haven't seen the sun for years
    the half light is falling
    like tears

    All this time we've been moving in shadow
    maybe love is sweeter in the shade
    and I would choose you

    Beautiful Blue
    Beauty is me and you ..."

    LisaT delivers the voice beatifully.

    I like the choir progression very much here.

    Reminds me angels, the sky, high clouds.

    Very nice piece.

    Simple and effective.

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    Exclamation Review

    Title: Thumpin' bibles (Back to the grind) SoundClick artist: JodyWillmanlyrics
    Artist: JodyWillmanlyrics
    Genre: Christian Rock

    This is a tough one to review.

    The author kindly asked me to review this one. He says: "..I'm just a lyricist that really can't sing a lick but I do make a few little demos on my lap top and this is one. I'd like your opinion on the thing and your ideas on if it has any chance at anything?..."

    Well, I agree with him, he cannot sing.

    Chance at anything? Hummm, nop, not really.

    Sounds very bad in my opinion. The voice is horribly recorded and terribly performed.

    I believe that with the proper training and study anyone can sing well. It is not expensive and Do not requires any special behavior. If the author wants to sing he should find himself a good teacher.

    The instrumenatls are nothing more than ok. It is not bad but it is not good either.

    This one is not working for me.

    Anyway I appreciate the kindness and politeness of Mr. Willman.

    Needs a lot of work.

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    Exclamation Review

    Title: Little Red Robin Ubetoo - Little Red Robin
    Artist: Jackie O'Grady
    Genre: Christmas song

    I reviewed something from Jackie O'Grady a while ago. It was a 25 seconds acapella version of this one.

    I remember I liked it. It was strange to review an 25 seconds sample.

    This one is the full version of the song.

    Yes, it is christmas time. This songs fits like a glove.

    Very well produced piece. Arrangements are great. Also it was very well engineered.

    Sounds very clear and bright.

    Special mention to Jakie┤s voice. Beautifull, beautifull and beautifull!

    I like her voice a lot. The way she sings is just excellent to my taste. An unique timbre and accent makes this piece a christmas hit.

    I like it a lot.

    Well done.

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    Exclamation Review

    Title: They Wont Win
    Artist: Skeptic
    Genre: Borrowing illegally

    Oh god, this one is preeeeety bad.

    For sure it is an illegal sample. I can remember the song name: " Hey now, hey now! The dream is over..."

    This with a uncool beat with an uncool voice rapping.

    Things of modernity.

    Trash can

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    Exclamation Review

    Title: Morons monkey wench -
    Artist: Philip Montgomery
    Genre: Country

    A funny song. Everything here was recorded in a 4 track machine by the author.

    This song have an excellent vibe and this is great!

    Mr. Montgomery appears to be a very nice and funny person.

    I would like that I have have the lyrics writen, I cannot understand 100%.

    It is about a stupid, stinky girl, If I am not mistaken. Funny as hell.

    Everything is clear and bright. Obviouslly made with very few equipment.

    But it reaches it┤s goal. I am an admirer of this kind of country storytell.

    The voices are very nice, specially the doubled part. Very well sung.

    I am looking forward to hear more from Mr. Motgomery.

    Well done.

    Simple and direct. He is not trying to amuse the listener.

    Very good.

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