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Thread: How do you write songs? How do you start and don't give up too soon?

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    Default How do you write songs? How do you start and don't give up too soon?

    Hey guys I wanted to ask you if you have ever written own songs? How do you start writing them? I know there are as many opinions as musicians but start like that:

    1. Search for inspiration: topics for lyrics or music styles, melodies I heard and liked
    2. I write the lyrics or at least some lines I can later use for the melody.
    3. Then I play some chords and try to find a progression I like
    4. Then I try to play in in different rhythms to find a cool way of playing it. And add a melody.
    5. For the chorus I mostly take this chord progression I wrote.
    6. As verse I try to find some other chords progression or I just change the dynamics of chorus to make it sound like a verse.
    7. I think of how to structure the song chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus is the most frequent I guess.
    8. Then I practice the song a bit.
    9. And I record it to evaluate it later on.
    10. I try to do such exercises as often as possible to get better. (here is the full version of my how to write a song routine, with some detail info, in case you want to read).

    My problem is, I mostly don't get to the recording point because I give up on the idea :D How do you deal with it? Songwriting can be pretty frustrating haha.

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    Don't give up,keep at it I went twenty years between songs and then one night a melody hit me,no I haven't written any million sellers but I've written.

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