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Thread: Savor the Euphoria on Majezty’s New Single “I Taste Jungle”

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    Default Savor the Euphoria on Majezty’s New Single “I Taste Jungle”

    With summer heading into overdrive, Majezty is backwith a Big Room Electronic Dance Music track that will make you want to putyour hands in the air as you revel with a few thousand of your closest friends.The “I Taste Jungle” single combines a progressive and emotive trancey build upwith a huge middle eastern influenced chord progression to arrive at a massiveand dancefloor destroying drop. This track features some elements of Trap, EDMand Progressive House. It burns brightly and will work well on festival stages,large nightclubs and anywhere you want to up the ante with some high octanedance music. Majezty is a young producer with a golden ear and a great sense ofwhat is driving mainstream dance music today. If you enjoy heavy andinvigorating EDM, you need to check out Majezty’s new epic “I Taste Jungle”!

    Concernedprimarily with creating infectious leads and massive world moving drops,Majezty is a producer who is focused squarely on creating music that gets thebody moving and raises the spirit. This young artist has been inspired by manyof contemporary music’s most dynamic and talented names including:Kshmr,Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Skrillex, Diplo, Jauz,Pharell, and Kanye West .Based in Chicago, USA. Majezty, also known as LennyBykoff has cultivated a loyal following in a very short time following a veryenthusiastic public reception of his first production credits.

    “Big Chains”, Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”(Majezty Remix), and The Weekend’s Acquainted (Majezty Remix) have all broughtthis young producer worldwide attention. Self-released, “I Taste Jungle” buildson these previous tracks but expands in its own dramatic and creative way. Thisis dancefloor euphoria of the highest order and will appeal to anyone whoappreciates fun and energetic dance music with a massive drop. Unleash theeuphoria on a dancefloor near you, be sure to check out Majezty’s new single “ITaste Jungle”!

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    And here is the video clip. Nice track by the way.

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