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Thread: Jalen N'Gonda "holler (when you call my name)"

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    Default Jalen N'Gonda "holler (when you call my name)"

    Jalen N'Gonda "holler (when you call my name)"

    f#ck, f#ck, f#ck!!!!!
    another real "soul man"....!!!!
    looks like real soul music is returning to the forefront...
    this man has it, Percy Sledge, Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett
    all rolled into one package....
    and I don't use those legend's names lightly,
    Jalen is "the real deal" IMO....
    cant find no info on him and Spotify has no albums
    listed so im assuming he is a totally new artist...
    cant wait to hear an album...
    brilliant, brilliant brilliant!!!

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    Damn this guy is good....
    just found a live cover of him doing Ray's "i got a woman",
    it takes some balls to attempt a classic like this and he does it justice, although or obvious reasons its not a patch on the original.
    Jalen sure has "soul" running through his veins

    has a great future ahead of himself if the 'men in suits' who run the labels
    let him develop his style instead of pushing him in other directions!

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    throw Sam Cooke in there
    hard to find this stuff these days

    didn't care for the cover
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    Yeah I agree with you he has a good voice

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