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    Any fans of the show in here? A lot of people rip on this show,and i never watched it until this season,but i really see talent in some of these people. A few of them have already put out cd's before this show. They aren't allowed to sing their own songs so nobody would know how talented they were at songwriting. So is anyone in here watching Season 7? My favorite is Jason Castro and David Cook is my 2nd favorite.

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    I am forced to watch by GF and I HATE it just because some are really talented but they never get to sing their own music LAME!
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    Well once they get record deals,they can do their own music. Most of them will,you dont have to win the whole thing to get offered deals. And some of them have already recorded cd's,i have one of David Cook's cd's,and a few of Jason Castro's songs. IMO,these are the two with the talent.

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    I agree, they should be able to sing there own music in addition! that will be a good show, pitch it to MTV dude!

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