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Thread: Jeff Beck "loud hailer"

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    Default Jeff Beck "loud hailer"

    Jeff Beck "loud hailer"

    Spotify listen:

    to be fair, my knowledge of Beck's output is rather limited...
    im assuming he's a guitarist and not a vocalist because
    there is a woman doing the vocals on this one...
    reminds me of PJ Harvey at times...
    some stuff on this one is quite bluesy, as from Jeff Beck Group era...
    other tracks, well, only a couple border hard rock...
    elsewhere it sounds like bog standard alt rock...
    all up, a pretty good album from a man who has bought
    his music into the 21st century!

    from the album:

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    so, i put the album in Alternative, Ruby put her post a couple of weeks ago in Classic Rock....

    for those who missed her post, here it is:

    Jeff Beck’s brand new album, Loud Hailer. Releasing tomorrow, 15 July, but already creating something of a buzz – streaming and links available to listen to via YT and others. Not at ALL what you might expect and a departure from his last offering, 2010’s Emotion and Commotion. JB is apparently Peter Pan!

    The album kicks off with him strutting his special brand of blues in gritty, industrial mode, and while doing precisely his own hard rocking thing, he doesn’t sound in the least dated. There’s a whole lot of nasty guitar going on, and I mean that in a good way! Another one who is a master of his craft, which is a point that must be conceded, whether one likes what he’s putting out or not.

    The intent is clearly to make a statement (or a few of them) – the album title an echo of the sentiment behind the words – a literal, anti-establishment shout out, and most of the track titles speak for themselves; “The Revolution will be Televised”, “Scared for the Children”, and so on - good timing I suppose, post the Brexit. Rosie Bones is an interesting choice of co-conspirator, and lends a vocal juxtaposition that probably has a lot to do with attaining the contemporary edge. For the purposes of comparison, to me, she sounds similar to Lily Allen with a generous helping of Joan Jett thrown in for good measure. I have reservations about a few of the political plots and topics and am not convinced by some of the lyrics, which on first listen are somewhat disingenuous and a little bit twee - may have to listen again. What is evident though, is that there seems to be a comfortable equilibrium between music and voice – JB’s production skills no doubt have a lot to do with that.

    It’s always fascinating to me to hear older artists who no longer have anything to prove and who are completely at ease with themselves, go ahead and unapologetically do whatever they feel compelled to do. Not all of them pull it off. Mysteriously, at the age of 72, I think Jeff Beck does. Good for him. And all that said, I’m unlikely to rush out and buy a copy right now, which I’m quite certain won’t radically impact his sales!

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    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #41

    Spotify spin

    Beck's voice has changed over the years
    sounds like Cyndi Lauper without the accent

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    Cool music :D... maybe I will download it....... xD

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