Ten days ago Benny Benassi released his fourth album Danceholic. Previous album was out 5 years ago.

Track list:
1. "Paradise (Radio Edit)" (with Chris Brown)
2. "Danceaholic"
3. "Out of Control" (featuring Richard Judge)
4. "Universe" (featuring BullySongs)
5. "Gangsta (Radio Edit)" (with MOGUAI)
6. "Even If (Radio Edit)" (with Vassy)
7. "Carousel" (featuring Elle Vee with MazZz)
8. "I Wanna Be Disco [2016 Edit]" (featuring Bonnie Calean with Chicco Secci)
9. "Pandemonium" (featuring FATHERDUDE with David Zowie)
10. "Dance the Pain Away [2016 Edit]" (featuring John Legend)
11. "I Keep Running" (featuring Sheare)
12. "Who I Am [Back To The Future Mix]" (featuring Christian Burns with Marc Benjamin)
13. "West Coast Patrol" (with Chris Nasty & MazZz)
14. "Shooting Helicopters [Radio Edit]" (featuring Serj Tankian)
15. "Analog Heart" (with MazZz)
16. "I Wanna Be a DJ"
17. "Beardo (Radio Edit)"
18. "Back To the Pump (Radio Edit)"