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    What are your top 5 favorite metal songs?

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    Opeth - Deliverance
    Lamb of God - Pathetic
    Buckerhead - Treeman
    Tool - Lateralus (Dark Metal)
    Shadows Fall - The Light That Blinds
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    ooh, the light that blinds is kickass. i love the bass and the drums of that song. opeth is also one of my favorites. i like the old stuff though.

    here's mine:
    1. master of puppets - metallica (it never gets old for me)
    2. exciter - judas priest
    3. winter nights - iced earth
    4. raining blood - slayer
    5. revolution is my name - pantera

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    1. Walk- Pantera
    2. Wait and Bleed- Slipknot
    3. Happy- Mudvayne
    4. Whiskey In The Jar- Metallica
    5. Stinkfist- Tool

    There are many others from these bands each could be the whole list.

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    1.Are You Dead Yet?-Children of Bodom
    2.Hourglass-Lamb of God
    4.Four Horsemen-Metallica
    5.Aces High-Iron Maiden

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    1 iron man- black sabbath
    2 welcome to the jungle- guns n roses
    3 master of puppets- mettalica
    4 back in black- AC/DC
    5 you've got another thing comin- judas priest

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    1. slipknot - before i forget
    2. metallica - the frayed ends of sanity
    3. five finger death punch - hate me
    4. lamb of god - redneck
    5. avenged sevenfold - unholy confessions

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    I want to say Deliverance but I can go a different route with Opeth Masters and Apprentice is Great though I would claim as my number one favorite. I have to agree that Aces High is one of my favs. And Lamb of God I think were amazing in burnt the priest which I love Bloodletting if I were to say one from Lamb of God itd be Black Label or Walk with me in hell. As for Megadeth I love trust But Im going for the Rust album in which Hanger 18 has been one of my favs by far which I almost have all the solos down just been lazy. And Metallica Im pretty indecisive as well but Ill go for Blackened, To live is to die or Shortest Straw. .

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    Difficult to give my top 5 - I never really nailed down such a small list. But here goes...

    1) DREAM THEATER - Pull Me Under: Sounded like Metallica meets Queensryche first time I heard it. Great song - great musicianship.
    2) KAMELOT - Forever: Catchy and fast with ballad-esque lyrics; this song made me believe in the ability to capture great melodic vocals over incredibly fast music.
    3) JUDAS PRIEST - Blood Red Skies: One of the very few JP tunes with acoustic guitar in it. Heavy and Meldodic.
    4) METALLICA - Fade to Black: A great blend of heavy meets melodic guitars.
    5) MANOWAR - Black Wind, Fire and Steel: Don't laugh, this is earlier Manowar and it is a great straight forward metal song - first time (3rd verse) that I heard a singer scream an entire verse and stay pitch-perfect. This song still make me push the gas pedal down!


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    1.- Metallica - Master of Puppets
    2.- Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills
    3.- Judas Priest - Breaking the Law
    4.- Accept - Balls to the Wall
    5.- Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction

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