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Thread: Michael Kiwanuka "love and hate"

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    Default Michael Kiwanuka "love and hate"

    Michael Kiwanuka "love and hate"

    Spotify listen:

    Ruby previously posted this in the WAYLT thread....
    I agree with her post...
    old fashioned soul/R+B and funky...
    also, a bit bluesy in places...
    hard to pigeon-hole this album totally with all those
    different sounds running through it...
    never heard of him previously to Ruby's post but I have now...
    was impressed with her linked song "cold little heart"...
    even more impressed with the one im about to post....
    a very, very good album and on my "to purchase" list...

    from the album:

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    Glad you like this CH. His debut album is probably worth picking up too, if you ever stumble across it!
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    im picking up the latest Ruby, and when I see the debut, I will get that one too, no problem about that...

    real R+B/soul is right up mu musical alley, glad you bought it to MD, but then again, I would have discovered it because I
    never heard of him and he charted at #1 n the UK which would have made me curious.

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    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #170

    shuffled up on the listen list due to CH
    who listened due to Ruby
    see how this works people

    very nice album
    would be on my list

    don't like all the repetition in this track
    cut it in half and I love it

    well I have to have at least 1 complaint

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    The intro is too long. Once that's over, the song itself is quite good.

    Seems to be channelling Marvin Gaye, in particular the "What's Going On" album.
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