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Thread: Headspace "all that you fear is gone"

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    Default Headspace "all that you fear is gone"

    Headspace "all that you fear is gone"

    Spotify listen:

    UK Prog Rock band...
    album isn't to my liking but the Progy's on the forum will...
    fronted by Damian Wilson who includes work with Rick Wakeman
    on his resume....
    and keyboard work supplied by one of Rick Wakeman's sons...
    nothing like keeping it in the family is there?!

    from the album: (my favourite track and my coincidence, the single) - cool video IMO

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    Well that track is interesting. I don't like the screaming heavy parts much but the rest is rather good. I'd say they have been listening to a lot of Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree.

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    I quite liked what I have heard of Adam Wakeman and Damian Wilson's previous one, Weir Keeper's Tale, which is more acoustic, but that said, haven't bought it ... yet.
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