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Thread: New celtic song "Morning Wind"!

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    Default New celtic song "Morning Wind"!

    Hello my friends! I've made a new celtic song called Morning Wind and I would like to hear your opinion on it Hope that you like it and thank you for listening!

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    I listened....

    instrumental pieces are not my music of choice on the whole, unless performed by Mark Knopfler...
    I thought the music was ok, but it lacked variation, staying on the same sound for the four minutes...
    maybe that's the way people like it, but like I stated, I am not an instrumental guy on the whole...

    maybe Jerome could provide concise critique as he loves instrumental music (not just Jerome, the others here probably could
    comment also.

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    It's pleasant but it just does not go anywhere. The front half and the back half are just mirrored images of the same theme. Needs a direction and as CH says, some variation.

    BTW - just love your country - fantastic place.
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