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Thread: Lunar - Wall Of Sound (Composed by Matt McKregg)

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    Default Lunar - Wall Of Sound (Composed by Matt McKregg)

    First off, this isn't exactly all Electronic... Lunar is a very large mosh-pod of music genre's the Matt McKregg describes it as "An eclectic blend of electronica, rock, dance, ambient, drum 'n' bass and classical - deeper and darker than Lunar's previous album, Hybrid Awaken." Wall of Sound was released in 2007, and having a new Lunar album being near release it is time I put up this review of the old CD to get y'all hyped for the new CD.

    The first song in the album lets you know that it is going to be a trilling ride through out the CD's 10 tracks, every song has a sense of "Epic" to it, each song sticks in your mind with individuality and spectacular composition.

    My favorite songs on the album are probably;
    4.Stepping Stones
    6.Wall Of Sound
    and 2.Method of Man

    You can check out the fine music yourself @ the Bandcamp site allowing you to listen to the songs for free, or give a small donation to get lossless versions of the album :)

    (Link Removed for the same reason as before...)

    I know my link in my Introduction got removed, but this is FREE. So I really don't see why it should be removed from the post.
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    The reason for your link removal is clearly spelled out in the forum rules. You will have checked a box to say that you have both read & understood these rules, as part of the registration process.

    You don't decide what should or shouldn't be allowed, we do...

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