Matters To Me shows Connie’s musical diversity and development as a singer, songwriter and musician. Apart from rocking the power pop anthem Shut Up(Move On), Connie delivers a spine-chilling soulful ballad, I’m Over You. Building on her powerhouse vocal, I’m Over You is a thoughtful, delicate song of a young girl getting over heartbreak wrapped in beautiful and deep lyrics

12 songs on the album also includes an Afro-electronic rendition of Katy Perry’s smash hit Roar, a solemn and touching original ballad Home, a crisp acoustic rendition of “Friends” (TV series) theme I’ll Be There For You with a lot more originals and some timeless classics. The album packs a load of surprises and reveals the hard work Connie puts into her natural gift of music.

This week connie also release the new MV - This is home , mv story is so touching . I think story is from her with her sister