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    Snoop Dogg "coolaid"

    excruciating Spotify listen:

    how the hell has this guy made fourteen albums...!
    and the twenty something 'mixtapes'??!!
    twenty track, all sound the same to me...
    over half have 'featuring...." this one or that one
    but mostly featuring 'no ones' IMO...
    opening track is called "legend" where he lets everyone
    in musicland know that..."i am a f##kin' legend"...
    hmmm, I wonder what Kanye has to say about that comment??
    same old clichéd rap crap on this one...
    ho's, niggaz, F-bombs, bitches and sound effects
    of guns being cocked, loaded and fired....!!!
    probably the same thing as was on his last thirteen
    albums and definitely something ive heard on 95%
    of all the rap music I have ever heard!
    lke the heading says..."excruciating"!

    from the album:

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    did not get to this album this week
    it wasn't planned really (computer issues)

    on the clip
    sex and money
    drugs were probably in there somewhere
    that's all most rappers know
    it was terrible
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    dont lose sleep over not listening to it I said, "excruciating"

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