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Thread: Martha "blisters in the pit of my heart"

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    Default Martha "blisters in the pit of my heart"

    Martha "blisters in the pit of my heart"

    online Spotify listen:

    a listen from yesterday that I forgot to post because
    I was distracted with other stuff at home....
    UK band, their second album....
    initially heard Arctic Monkeys...
    then some Housemartins...
    then often bits of both at the same time...
    vocals are a bit whiney and annoying at times,
    but then again a lot of people think Neil Young's
    vocals are whiney/nasally and annoying...LOL,
    no they don't sound like NY, just saying theyre whiney...
    some good songs on here, some crap also, but still passable

    from the album:

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    another single from the album, and my favourite from that once of listen:

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