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    Default Hello :)

    Hello there :)

    Whipsy from Canada.

    I love all music genres but I lean towards Rock,Metal.

    Music has the power to change ones mood in an least mine.
    This morning I listened to Marilyn manson,Tainted Love

    And the day goes on..

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    welcome to the machine

    I happen to be a fan of the above mentioned freak show
    A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.
    Will Rogers

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    Welcome to MD...

    I'm not a fan of metal...

    I do like Marilyn Manson though.

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    Thank you both for the welcome :)
    Music Head,my favorite is Personal Jesus.

    CRAZY HORSE, a friend of mine said to me they are screaming and you can't understand and my reply was : they are screaming out emotions that were held in too long,lmao

    Metallica is usually my morning car music at 4 am when I leave for work.if that's not a wake up,I don't know what is.:)

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    I don't like early Metallica ie: their metal stuff, I prefer their albums when they essentially became a hard rock/rock band,
    but there are two sets of fans when it comes to Metallica, the ones who like their early material and the ones who like their latter material.

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    The most listened in my car is Load,Reload , S and M and Through the Never.

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