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Thread: Bon Jovi yessssss

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    Default Bon Jovi yessssss

    Bon Jovi's new album "The Circle" came out on Tuesday for all you Jersey, long-hair lovers out there (thats me)

    It's on sale at Amazon for suuuper cheap too. (seriously... 12 songs for less than 4 bucks totally worth picking up) If anyone's interested, its gonna be there til Friday I think: The Circle: Bon Jovi: MP3 Downloads

    Let me know what you think, my favorite track so far is "bullet" but I'm flexible for opinions

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    ooo that is on my christmas list and is one i will probably listen to loads!!!

    YouTube - Living on a Prayer - Hanson Nashville 10/27/09

    check out hanson covering living on a prayer!!!!
    we can conquer this great divide-hanson

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    I havent heard it yet but i am definitely dying to!

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