Hey guys, I recently started writing for a music website called Jamsbio.com, which is a new site for music lovers that was launched on March 31st. The theory behind it is "the memories of music", so basically it's sort of like the story of your life as told through music.
You can search their site for any song that you choose and write about your memories of it. It's really fun, not only to share your memories, but to reads other's as well.

For anyone that loves music, I highly encourage you to visit the site and make a profile of your own, as well as read the other writer's entries, you'll
really enjoy it.

Here is the link to the main page: www.jamsbio.com

And here's the link to my personal profile, feel free to leave comments: www.jamsbio.com/user/rachelburke

The founders of the site are really trying to spread the word about it, so I'd really appreciate anyone reading this to visit the site, spread the word and leave comments. Thanks in advance!