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Thread: Shura "nothing's real"

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    Default Shura "nothing's real"

    Shura "nothings real"

    online Spotify listen:

    debut set rom this UK synth-pop artist...
    its not EDM and I wouldn't call it electronic as
    what I call electronic...
    late 1980s synth-pop is where i'd place it...
    its okay or background music but when I actually
    concentrated on the music there was nothing in it for me...
    not really my thing, but it may be yours....or not!

    from the album:

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    Hurrah! 2 years of hard working and she did it! Happy for Shura.

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    It's the Bangles meets Missing Persons meets Blondie-Lite.

    That being said, I really like it. It's light and airy, not overly done on the synths (close, though).

    I enjoyed it.
    "Sh-boom was the last great song ever written." ~ My Mom

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