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    I've been looking in vain for anywhere to find downloadable music from any of three 1970's albums by David Werner (not including a fourth live album).
    Whizz Kid - RCA Records, 1974
    Imagination Quota - RCA Records, 1975
    and David Werner - Epic Records, 1979
    I have them all in vinyl but none of them were subsequently manufactured in compact disc format.
    I've seen a handful downloaded on youtube, but would really like to find all three complete albums in digital form somewhere.
    Can anyone help?

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    you are correct, none were issued on cd, nor have they ever been issued on cd....

    there may be companies in your area though, that may digitalise your vinyl onto cd or you...
    they generally clean up the vinyl, clean the sound for cd then transfer...
    this my be expensive, well, more expensive than actually purchasing a cd from a store/online
    but if that's the only way to do it, that's what it is...

    also, you could purchase a new record player, some of the newer ones have USB ports so you can transfer the vinyl
    to your computer, from there you can record to disc...
    I doubt the music would be crystal clear as a cd would, but its better than nothing.

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    there is an online music store called CDjapan or japanCD,
    theyre obviously Japanese,
    I know they specialise in obscure/hard to get music,
    you could google them and either browse their store or send them an email????

    (im not leaving you links for it, you need to do some legwork or yourself!)

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