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Thread: Larkin Poe "reskinned"

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    Default Larkin Poe "reskinned"

    Larkin Poe "reskinned"

    Spotify listen:

    from the backwoods of the "deep south"....
    this is their second album, well, not really...
    their debut set was called "kin" back in 2014 I think...
    this one just removes five or six from that debut and they've added
    five or six new songs in lieu of the ones they deleted...
    band says they wanted some more rockier material released but
    didn't have time to record a new album...whatever!
    haven't heard the debut with the songs they left off this one.
    but this is sublime IMO...
    album of the week for sure!

    from the album:

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    another one from the album:

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