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Thread: Does music have more positive or negative effects?

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    Default Does music have more positive or negative effects?

    We all know music does indeed have an effect on us, but are the effects more positive or negative in general? Is music like drugs? I read somewhere that even though music has an effect, we are in control of what music makes us do is what most studies suggest? What does science say?

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    Music can be a positive or negative, it depends on your mood mostly, for most music is a good thing...leave science out of it and just enjoy the music you like.

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    I read that there was a study that showed that listening to good music effects compliance with bad things as shown here and that it's addictive to the brain as much as sex and drugs

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    Yes and no.

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    Depends on what type of music we listen.

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    Really, it depends on the music itself and on how one 'recieves' the music they are listening to.

    I'd like to think it's mostly positive. Of course, if you've just had a bad breakup and your EX's favorite song plays on the radio, that's going to trigger something negative.

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    what about the study I posted?

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    I never met a scientist that knew anything about music.

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    Outside of my family, music has been the biggest positive of my entire life.

    Whenever I've been down, I've always turned to music to lift my spirits, not make me feel worse.
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    Yeah...what he said!!!!

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