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Thread: Cash Cash "blood, Sweat and 3 Years"

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    Default Cash Cash "blood, Sweat and 3 Years"

    Cash Cash "blood, Sweat and 3 Years"

    Spotify listen:

    had no idea what to expect as is the case most of the time....

    Cash Cash is an EDM producer/DJ, you get the idea....
    featuring artists on all tracks including:
    B.o.B, Chrisina Perri, Fitz (of the tantrums),
    Busta Rhymes, Jon Rzeznik (from Goo Goo Dolls) to name a few....
    music isn't all that generic 'doof doof' electronic crap, but it is annoying...
    nice vocals though, not sure if that offsets the crappy music though but
    more listenable than most of the EDM crap I generally hear by accident!

    from the album:

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    What a bizarre album cover.
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