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Thread: Music that teenagers go for.

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    Default Music that teenagers go for.

    Hey people, I'm here wondering that what music teenagers go for lately?
    From what I think, rock and metal is like the mainstream and stuffs, but I would like to know more here xP

    Thanks alot in advance!

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    Why are you asking that question here? Do you want to discuss it or are you doing research? Because I don't think there are many teenage members of this forum. Maybe there are parents of teenagers.

    Because I am neither a teenager myself nor a parent of one I do not know the answer to your question.

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    lol This seems meant for me,because most of the bands i like have mostly teenage fans. I am usually the oldest person at the shows i go to. So here's a good list for you to start with;

    Fall Out Boy
    My Chemical Romance
    The Academy Is
    The All American Rejects
    Avenged Sevenfold
    Cobra Starship
    Gym Class Heroes
    From First To Last
    Red Jumpsuit Aparatus
    Panic At the Disco
    Plain White T's
    Taking Back Sunday
    The Used
    30 Seconds To Mars

    and check out the Billboard Top 40 list too,or watch VH1's top 10 countdown,cuz a lot of the stuff i missed would be on there.

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    Default I know that I...

    It all depends on the teenager. I'm much happier with an Orff, or Whitacre, or Strauss. For me, classical/ choral is where its at.

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    lol, just check out the mtv show trl... which has all the latest music hits that teens love. you cant go wrong

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    You know, I'm 17, and I despise all of those bands. =X

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    Default Hi

    Teenagers for for Rock Usually.....and if u r intrested in this kind of music
    then go to the torrentmatrix site where you can find all kind of music

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    teenagers love dirty dirty hip hop

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    i agree with trbc08.
    im 17 and i dont really like what a lot of my friends know why? I HAVE DEPTH! lol jk but really...just check out like, vh1 top 20 or whats 'hot' on itunes. and stuff....
    we're not scaremongering,
    This Is Really Happening.

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    I dont think question is good. Because now-a-days kids only listen to what they see on tv or what the record label shoved in their face. What popular music. Im speaking in General.

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