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Kate Earl

from the album - Nobody
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Songwriter Kate Earl grew up in Chugiak, Alaska, where she began her career by blending the phrasing of Cat Power and Björk with the folk-chanteuse influence of Joni Mitchell. Although heavily involved with her local church, Earl moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and quickly made an impression on the town, scoring airplay on KCRW and Indie 103.1 while catching the ear of Record Collection, a Venice-based label that eventually signed her. She continued to log West Coast performances as she recorded her first album with producer Tony Berg, eventually making her official debut with 2005's Fate Is the Hunter.

Although Fate Is the Hunter showed traces of Earl's soulful influences, her follow-up effort — a self-titled album released in 2009 — found the songwriter drawing heavily from her background in gospel music. Kate Earl drew comparisons to the work of Joss Stone and Amy Winehouse, while its blend of soul, pop, and gospel helped secure the album a high position on iTunes' sales chart.

album review

Formerly a homespun songwriter, Kate Earl tones down the earthiness and unleashes her inner Winehouse with the self-titled Kate Earl. This is her major-label debut — the first record since 2006's Fate Is the Hunter secured her a spot on the indie map — and its 12 songs are appropriately streamlined, replacing most of her debut's intimacy with something bold, brassy, and soulful. "Nobody hikes up my skirt like you," she sings during the first track, combining cocktail-lounge sass with a sexy, risqué delivery. R&B plays a big role throughout the album, from the heavy percussion of "All I Want" to the electronic bleeps that flank Earl's voice in "Can't Treat Me That Way." Even so, she sounds best whenever she makes equal room for her Motown influences, and some of the best tracks here — particularly the Ronettes-influenced "Only in Dreams" — help link Earl with divas of pop's past. The bulk of this album is more indebted to the iPod generation, though, referencing older genres without losing its contemporary polish. [This 12-track edition includes a live version of "Nobody."]

Track Listing
1 Nobody Earl 03:27
2 Can't Treat Me That Way Earl 03:19
3 Melody Earl 03:53
4 Only in Dreams Earl 04:05
5 All I Want Earl 04:20
6 When You're Ready Earl 04:10
7 Golden Street Earl 03:54
8 Jump Earl 03:08
9 Everlasting Earl 04:07
10 Learning to Fly Earl 04:09
11 Impossible Earl 04:05
12 Nobody [Live Acoustic] Earl 04:07