I'm working on a site aimed at helping musicians practice. Wait, the site is free - I'm not looking for your money! However, I would love your opinions, thoughts, advice, and any other info you can spare. The site is in development and so, with the wisdom of you folks, we can continue to move forward.

https://pitchplay.io"]PitchPlay[/url] (the site) started with a friend and myself realizing that there are lots of online tools for learning, but, there are few sites for helping musicians practice. So, we wanted the site to help musicians plan and track their practices. We've added tools to make time spent practicing more efficient and we wanted to do something to help motivate people to practice so we added a social component to the site.

Please take a look around the site. Use it the next time you practice and then let me know what you need from the site to want to use it every time you practice. Any thoughts, critiques, or advice you can give me is extremely valuable and I appreciate you taking the time.

PS - I'll keep the thread updated with any feature updates we make based off of recommendations so that if you are interested, you can check back on the site!