Swans "the glowing man"

Spotify listen:

Michael Gira and Co's outfit of experimental rockers
that have been around since the 1980s...
first time ive heard an album of theirs, and I picked this one
because my daughter is a huge fan and I remembered the name Swans...
too far out there for me, making Bjork sound like a regular top40 pop act!
lots o sonic sounds amongst the music on this one, pretty close to the avante garde
sounds/soundscapes Lennon was trying to teg on "revolution #9", and we all remember that one, right!?
so, eight tracks o mainly noise/sound on here taking about two hours
of my life because I listened to the whole thing!...
three tracks/collages of sound lasting each over twenty minutes...
a couple of the shorter tracks that actually played out like songs weren't too bad...
i'd say a good was to describe it would be something like Neil young's
sonic album "arc" on steroids....seriously, I think Mr.Young would like this noise!

I do not like it:

from the album:(one o the shorter songs that are actually 'songs'!)