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    Default Manchester Orchestra

    A band from Atlanta, Georgia, they formed fairly recently in 2005.

    I got the cd I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child(2006) from my school's radio station and have really been enjoying it. This is the only album I have heard, but they have two others, although one was never officially released.

    Anyway, this album is pretty chill and soft, I like a lot of songs and although they're not all amazing it's not a bad album.

    1. Wolves At Night ***
    2. Now That You're Home **
    3. The Neighborhood Is Bleeding *
    4. I Can Feel Your Pain **
    5. Where Have You Been? *
    6. I Can Barely Breathe ***
    7. Sleeper 1972 *
    8. Golden Ticket ***
    9. Alice and Interiors **
    10. Don't Let Them See You Cry ***
    11. Colly Strings ***

    Sorry I stole your rating system Musichead ^^;
    3's - 5
    2's - 3
    1's - 3

    Please check em out if you like, suggest other good songs by them, etc? :)

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    no problem Miss Fortune, love your style...

    Saw these guys on one of the late nights recently. Was very impressed,
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