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    What's the difference between rapping and performing? I tend to find amongst my friends and just in those around me that few actually know what rap or hip hop even is. Like take for instance the Soulja Boy fame. His single and style or whatever you call it wasn't rapping to me. That was performing. There's a difference. I just hate when people think that Ho's, cars, and bling is all that rap is. I know that right now that's all that's basically represented but I just wish that people would look deeper and find some real music.

    Well that's the end of my rant. I just want to hear your opinions. I know that I have mine and you have yours so don't think I'm trying to ram mine down your throat. Just wondering if anyone else out there has noticed this.

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    It's all rap to me. But there is good and bad rap, obviously.

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    Yeah, as far as modern (c)rap goes, I don't really like the mainstream stuff. It's basically just dance music with some egocentric idiot spewing over it through a vocoder. How did Public Enemy, Run DMC, N.W.A., etc. become that? I don't really listen to much rap in general, but I do like this duo called Dalek (with an umlaut over the "a"). Very different and creative.

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    Soulja Boy isn't rap or performing, it's commercial twaddle that makes no sense at all. Why would i even want to "superman that hoe"?
    All of his album is basically the same telling people that he is in fact Soulja Boy and to accept no immitations, but him in hiself is an immitation of a genre that was once respected.

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    Yea performing would be giving a show. I think you should be trying to differentiate between Rap and HipHop as they are different!

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