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Black Roses

from the album - Voice In My Head
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Alternative rock quartet Painkiller Hotel was formed in Chicago, IL, by singer/songwriter/guitarist Kevin "Eddie Prez" Presbrey with guitarist Klaus Luchs (later replaced by Leif Hendrixon), bassist Adam Harker, and drummer Mike "Rusty Krow" Krull (later replaced by Jeff Kissel). After playing in bars and clubs around the Midwest for a few years.

album review

Chicago rock quartet Painkiller Hotel, led by singer/guitarist Kevin Presbrey, plays melodic mainstream rock of a sort that, when marketed well, often sells in the millions. Presbrey sounds like he's been listening carefully to the music of some of the most successful rock bands of the previous decade — acts like Matchbox 20, Creed, and Nickelback — and crafted a similar sound in which a pounding rhythm section and slashing electric guitar riffs support, without overwhelming, a sonorous vocalist singing songs of romantic and spiritual yearning. (The lyrics may be clichéd, but they are sung earnestly, which is what counts.) This is not to say that Presbrey's approach (in which he is abetted by co-writer and producer Chris Sevier) is deliberately commercial; no doubt he's just making the kind of music he likes. But the ranks of independent rock labels tend to be filled with more adventurous and extreme sounds, whereas Painkiller Hotel seems like a band that's ready to jump to the majors and start filling arenas and mugging for VH1 any minute. Not every artist who sounds commercial ends up being commercial, of course. But Painkiller Hotel, on the basis of its debut album, has the sort of sound and style that has proven widely popular and easily could again.

Track Listing
1 How Was I Supposed to Know Presbrey, Sevier 04:00
2 Brightest Flame Presbrey, Sevier 04:19
3 Voice in My Head Presbrey, Sevier 02:48
4 You Don't Know What You're Missing Presbrey, Sevier 02:58
5 Becoming Someone Else Presbrey, Sevier 04:07
6 All I Ever Wanted Presbrey, Sevier 04:02
7 Lead Me On Presbrey, Sevier 04:18
8 Changes Presbrey, Sevier 03:56
9 Weakness Presbrey, Sevier 04:08
10 So Far Away Presbrey, Sevier 04:41