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Thread: Neil Young & The Promise Of The Real "earth"

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    Default Neil Young & The Promise Of The Real "earth"

    Neil Young & The Promise Of The Real "earth"

    double live disc set from their 2015 US tour....
    audience participation is generally replaced with the sounds
    of frogs, pig, goats, horses, cattle, birds, waterfalls, rain,
    thunder, cars, honking horns, cicadas, chickens etc etc...
    songs were picked from the tour, from what I can gather,
    mention the words "nature", "mother nature" or actually are about
    nature and the environment...
    its like Neil prefers the sound of whales and crows to the applause of
    paying members of the audience...
    I see where he is coming from with his steadfast belief in highlighting
    the problems of the world from an environmentally aspect...
    but really Neil, we hear ya mate,
    we know where you stand in the scheme of things politically and
    socially, but please stop shoving your beliefs down our throats
    and in our ears everytime you release an album...
    good thing about this one is that there are several tracks
    that usually don't get a guernsey very often nowadays
    like "after the goldrush", "hippie dream", "my country home",
    "love and only love", "human highway" and "vampire blues"....
    not really an album for anyone but Neil Young diehards like myself
    but be rest assured after several below par albums in a row
    my patience with Neil to give me one last 'classic' like
    "harvest moon" or "prairie wind" is wearing thin!

    there are no links to tracks on this one, well, there are live
    links of some of these songs just not the ones with the overdubbed
    sounds of nature, so here's Neils explanation for the album:

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    geez Neil
    hey hey
    would you fade away please
    A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.
    Will Rogers

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    you can send him back to the frozen tundra of far north Canada if you like...!

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    I don't think a musician has any obligation to hold back if he has beliefs that he thinks are important and need to be sung about. If it gets tiresome, no one says you have to listen to them.

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    Neil debuts at #14 on the UK chart this week (the one that allows streaming figures)

    he debuts at #11 on the sales only figures chart this week in the UK and...

    at #10 on the physical sales charts in the UK this week...

    a mighty fine effort and way better than I expected him to chart!

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