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    Default About my ID

    The music I like most, play - as amateur - for more than 50 years as well as collect is Folk music from Eastern Europe and Gipsy music. So I might be an exception in this forum both in my favorite music as well as by age.

    But anyhow as a hobby I am quite active around music on the Internet.

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    Interesting. Certainly many folk music lovers here, but Eastern European folk? You could be the first. Please share your listening list, I would for one be interested to sample some.

    Welcome to Music Discussion
    With Regards...


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    Welcome bovas

    Most of us are pretty open to new types of music here.
    Give us a shot. Share. That's what we're about. We may surprise you.
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    I like the subject you chose to your intro.

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    Default Hungarian Folk

    If you want to know more about Hungarian Folk, go to (sorry but since I have not enough posts I am not allowed to give you the direct link , but put www. before and you will find it). It is the largest online collection of this type of folk. You can listen to as much nice melodies and for as long as you want. You might be surprised.

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