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Thread: Suggestion required

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    Default Suggestion required

    Can anyone suggest me some good site from where I can buy music / band DVD / CD? I want a site where there is real choice to choose from.

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    You're kidding right?
    ok fine, assuming you're not, for me amazon has always had anything I wanted, unless the recording is under one of those exclusivity deals.
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    I love browsing through Music stores the old fashioned way... I personally never order anything from online.

    But yeah, Amazon is the best according to many people.. Also depends where you are located, there might be many local shopping sites for your country as well which might give you a good deal, plus it wont cost much for shipping.

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    Amazon: everything a boy could possibly need...

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    Has to be Amazon.... Or if from Britain
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    Default Places to go music shopping

    I'd agree that Amazon is a really good start........most things are easy available and there is a wide range

    To back this up I'd recommend CD universe in the states( Watch the exchange rate)

    The Japanses version of HMV is really excllent for hard to get things and not too pricey HMV ONLINE: Online Shopping & Information Site for Music/ DVD/ Blu-ray/ Books/ Games/ Goods I have managed to finf things that are on Amazon for 80 UK pounds here for around 15

    I used to go into great independent shop in the UK called The Leftlegged Pineapple Left Legged Pineapple - Left Legged Pineapple Home The web site cound be better but it can have some interesting things.

    Keymailorder in London Key Mail Order > Reliable UK source of Rock, Classic Rock, Indie & Rare Releases are good . I used to ring the guy up and get him to recommend new things to me based on my tastes ...he was good at finding me some good obscure things at times.

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    i always head to amazon or

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    I go with amazon dot com but I also prefer smartpunk dot com

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    In other hand, if you just type " buy cd online" on google it will show you thousands of sites.

    I think it really depends on where you live and what is the style you are looking for.

    Amazon is nice but it realy sux depending where you live. I am in Brazil btw.

    Other important thing is if you need the phisical CDs/DVDs or a payed download could fullfill your needs, wich is far more confortable, in my opinion.

    I could put here some links but I am in the probatory period ;)

    What are you looking for? A band album? Soundtrack? Huh?

    Hope it helps

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    Thanks to all for replying to my post. I am already using amazon but was looking for other options.

    sabrafox, i liked your suggestion .......... Thanks

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