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Thread: Gospel/Blues Piano & Vocal only?

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    Question Gospel/Blues Piano & Vocal only?


    So , Maybe someone can help me out. I am in search for a certain kind of mucis that just BLOWS me away, and, I can never seem to find it.

    I recently saw the movie "August Rush". There was a certain clip in that movie where some gospel/Blues singers were performing a song. the song was only Piano and Vocals. they were black singers. I suppose you can call it gospel, but, I guess it would be considered blues. I am not sure, and, thats why i am posting here.

    The group was "The Impact Repertory Theatre". They have a my space page. here is a link:

    The song is on the right. it is called "Raise it Up". THIS is the kind of music I'm looking for.

    This kind of music is AMAZING to me. I am searching for Piano (no band at all..piano only) with black female PPOOWWEERRFFUULL voice (or voices) that is full of soul/blues.

    I have tried to search google for such a thing, and, can never find it. I guess it has alot to do with my vague description of what I am looking for.

    Does anyone know where I should take my search from here?

    Thank you in advance

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    I know he asked for a Black female but...: << BG sounds are a hoot or maybe this: << jeez, I'm a sucker for a redhead and then there's this: But wait, a strong voice was called for:

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