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    I have been playing music "out", you know in bars and such, wineries are the best as far as I'm concerned. But anyway. My problem is coming up with a good set list.

    Can you all help me out?

    We are a three piece acoustic, 2 guitars and bass, and we play songs from the classic rock era.

    I need a new set list.

    Please help.

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    I'd like to help out, but it would probably give us a better idea of which direction to point you in if you gave us some examples of previous set lists, and the direction you want to go from there.


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    1. you ainít going nowhere
    2. all along the watchtower
    3. cinnamon girl
    4. rocking in the free world
    5. like a hurricane
    6. hey hey my my
    7. powderfinger
    8. ohio
    9. road and the sky
    10. doctor my eyes
    11. woodstock
    12. long may you run
    13. cortez the killer
    14. southern man
    15. comfortably numb
    16. wooden ships
    17. tangled up in blue
    18. eight miles high
    19. Feel A Whole Lot Better When Your Gone
    20. highway 61 revisited
    21. cowgirl in the sand
    A. country roads
    B. tequila sunrise
    C. love the one your with
    D. imagine
    E. casey jones
    F. silvio
    G. deal
    H. down by the river

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