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Thread: Paying for (compressed) mp3: lack of professionalism?

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    Default Paying for (compressed) mp3: lack of professionalism?

    I want to know what everybody think about the fact that today, with internet, we can actually pay for compressed music downloaded, for example, from Amazon.

    I always bought original albums on CD because it was the only way to have the music I love with the best sound possible.

    Of course today, mp3 are becoming very easy to handle compared to CD. So it is my choice to rip my CD into mp3 for convenience using an mp3 player for a walk, or travel. But I still have the choice to listen to my original CD on my home or car player for full sound enjoyment, without worrying about mp3 compression.

    I know some will say that with 320 kbps mp3, our ears can't make the difference.

    But for me it is still compressed music that is not the original.

    So I can't imagine buying new albums from artist I like in mp3. It just doesn't feel right. I feel I'm paying for low quality of what have always been top quality with original CD. Not to mention that you don't have the original artwork normally included with an original album; so what? you print yourself the 10 pages booklet with your low quality paper and printer and cut them with scissors and stitch them together to make the booklet? That's just non-sense.

    Technology usually means better. Some say vinyl were better than CD, but we can't say CD were low quality or bad; it was still the original recording uncompressed directly from the master. But now, technology means compression, and that's just not right. It really lacks professionalism and I hope that CD will never disappear or that they will eventually offer ISO of albums to download so you can burn it without any loss or in WAV format.

    And what if the guy at Amazon responsible for making the mp3 do them not at the best compression? What if he choose 128 kbps and don't offer 320? What if the setting of his ripper was variable bitrate with medium quality? What if he choose his channel encoding mode to "force", "joint" or even "mono" instead of "stereo"? Compression world is full of these little details that can make a bad or not full quality mp3 result.

    I will never put money in compressed music as long as CD will exists.

    So I want to know the opinions of the people here. Am I the only one to think that this new "paying for mp3 albums" is a shame to the professionalism of music?
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    Wow! you've really put some thought into this.

    Kudos to you.

    Me? Mp3 quality doesn't bother me at all. I will agree with you as far as missing the associated artwork when downloading. That is also true vinyl vs. cd. But as far as sound quality, vinyl was always fine with me. I resisted cd's as long as I could. Now I just go with the flow.
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    I do agree..

    But it is done since download music has become so popular.. & same goes for Ipods & mp3 players.. so digital format of music is in demand.
    It is just done for that sake.

    I rely on mp3s cause if it weren't for them I would have never got introduced new music.

    As far as buying goes.. I wouldn't mind buying mp3's at a real cheap rate in order to promote the artist cause either way I will be needing the mp3 format for my portable.
    But i wouldn't pay much.

    I buy CD's but also buy old & rare vinyl's as well.. After my friend gifted me a Record of collection of western movie OST. I have started collecting Records.

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    I'm on the vinyl/CD side of things, but have little faith that CDs will survive much longer...

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