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Thread: Bob Evans "car boot sale"

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    Default Bob Evans "car boot sale"

    Bob Evans "car boot sale"

    online Spotify listen:

    fifth solo set from the former vocalist fo Aussie alt rock band
    first time ive actually heard an album of his/theirs...
    Kev's solo material is quieter than his band material...
    some ok alt sounds on here, not bad, just not too good neither!

    from the album
    (a two part video, my favourite track on the album starts at the 4 minute mark)

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    I like "Bob Evans" better than his work with his band Jebediah. There was a really nice song on the previous album, "Just Don't Want To Grow Up" or a title similar to that. Reminded me a lot of Boy and Bear.

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    yeh, I agree,
    I like his solo material better than Jebediah, but im still not sold on him yet, I guess after five or six solo sets that I probably never will be.

    im not familiar with the song you compared to Buy & Bear so I will endeavour to seek it out...
    Boy & Bear's first album was very good IMO.

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